ENGL 1113 Composition I

A review of grammar and basic mechanics with a focus on effective college-level personal and expository essay writing.


English Composition

The English Composition I Course is a review of the principles of grammar and basic language mechanics along with training for correct and effective communicative skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—with emphasis on writing as required for successful study and employment.

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ENGL 1113 Composition I

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Librarian

  1. I struggle with citations. Where can I go for help?

    Making mistakes is part of the learning process. However, there are several citation websites you can use that will assist you in creating a citation in Modern Language Association MLA format.

  2. What is the safest way to avoid plagiarism?

    Check out the chart below. It is a good starting point.

    If you are using someone else's idea, whether quoting or paraphrasing, it is necessary to cite your source
  3. Once you download an eBook (electronic book), how do you return it?

    You do not need to return a downloaded eBook. Once the lending period has elapsed, the title is automatically returned to the library. Although the file will remain on your machine, it will no longer be accessible. The maximum checkout period is , though you may choose a shorter borrowing period if you prefer. Your titles cannot be renewed, but you can check them out again if they are available when your checkout period expires.

  4. I have trouble finding articles that are available online.

    When you search within the databases, you usually have the option to select Full Text only. This will display only those articles available in either HTML or PDF format.

    • A search in any EBSCO database will allow you to refine your results:

      screenshot of EBSCO database sidebar allowing refinement of results
  5. How do I log in while off campus?

    See these directions for logging in while off campus.