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The Ranger - Yearbook

Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s annual publication The Ranger,  was published from 1915 until 1999.  Each yearbook gives historical insight into a past year’s events, academics, and social culture through the perspectives of NWOSU’s students.

The Ranger - Yearbook (Online Viewer - Full Text Viewer - Download Links)

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The Ranger (Yearbook)

Publication information for The Ranger Yearbook
Ranger yearbooks were produced for each year from 1915 through 1999 with the exceptions of 1918, 1943, 1944, and 1945. As was the case for many universities during war time, yearbook production at Northwestern was suspended for these years. Copies of most of these yearbooks are available at the Alva and Enid campus libraries. We are currently in the process of digitizing the yearbooks we own.

Incomplete Archive of TheRanger Yearbook

The NWOSU library does not have copies of The Ranger Yearbook for the following years:

1923 • 1927 • 1928 • 1929 • 1932 • 1933 • 1934 • 1935 • 1936 • 1946 • 1947 • 1952 • 1953 • 1959 • 1973

We need your help!

If you or someone you know have access to a yearbook for any of those years, please contact NWOSU Libraries at (580) 327-8574. We will happily accept tax-deductible donations of missing yearbooks. Alternatively, we can easily arrange for a short-term temporary loan that will allow us to digitize the yearbook.