*Welcome to Library Services

This guide will introduce you to the services available at the library.


Meet the Research and Instructional Services Librarian


If you are looking for research help, see the research librarian’s contact information below. For self-guided help, check out our tutorials on the research process and using the library.


So that we may better assist your students, please provide us with advance notice of assignments that require use of the library’s print or electronic resources. Send an email to dgdavidson@nwosu.edu and attach a copy of your assignment. We look forward to seeing your students in the library.

Are you teaching an online or hybrid class? Have your students check out our Research 101 guide for step-by-step help with the research process.

Library Instruction

Please use this form to request instruction.

The research and instructional services librarian is on hand to assist your students in using the library resource to get the maximum benefit from their research projects. To request that the librarian visit your class, please fill out the following form.