AMST 5113 Interdisciplinary Research in American Studies

Students will write a master's thesis or an article suitable for publication.


Interdisciplinary Research

Applying principles they have learned in AMST 5103, students in this course will either write a master’s thesis prospectus and two thesis chapters or will write a research article for publication in Civitas: The Journal of Citizenship Studies (or another academic journal) by developing the interdisciplinary research skills needed in the academic field of American Studies.

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AMST 5113 Interdisciplinary Research in American Studies


  • AMST 5103

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Where to Publish

If you choose to write an article for your class project, you will need to consider where to publish.

Below, you can find the information for Civitas, a journal published by NWOSU. Also see the MLA Directory of Periodicals, which indexes a wide range of journals, complete with their publication information and submission details.

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