Instructions for setting up an account with the library catalog, for getting access to resources from off campus, and for creating accounts for the research database systems.

Off-Campus Access

Away from the Campus? No Problem.

You should be able to get access to the same online resources when you are off campus as when you are on. When you are off campus, you may sometimes encounter a security feature called EZProxy.

For off-campus access, you can log in with the same I.D. you use for Self Service, but you will only need to do so when you select a resource that requires it. If you have any difficulties getting access to library resources, please contact us at 580-327-8574 or email

Off-Campus Access Directions

When using library resources from off campus, you will sometimes see the log-in screen below.

Screenshot of EZProxy login asking for the same user name and password used in Self Service

To log in:

Your username and password are the same as when logging into Self Service.