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How do I...: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

  • First, check the NWOSU Libraries' online catalog to make sure the book is not available at either campus library. If you are unable to come to either library, please feel free to call for assistance.
  • To request an ILL that is not found in EBSCO or the online catalog, use the online form. Povide as much information as possible, such as the complete title, author, and publication information of the book or article increases the likelihood of successful results. Also, library staff members are available to assist you in your search or with your ILL request. If you have any questions, please contact the libraries via phone or e-mail

How do I connect to wireless internet at the library with my own laptop?

  • You can, only if your laptop is set-up to recognize a wireless signal. Your laptop should locate the wireless network connection when you open your network and sharing center from your control panel. The network connection password is Rangers.

How do I use the Libraries' Online Catalog?

  • Follow the link to the catalog from the NWOSU Libraries' homepage.
  • Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box and use the drop-down menu on the right to indicate the kind of search you would like to perform. A list of titles will appear that are relevant in some way to your search.
  • You can click on the title link of any record to get more detailed information on the status and location of the item. Make sure to note the location (Alva or Enid campus) and the status (on the shelf, lost, or checked out) of the item.

How do I find magazine, journal, and newspaper articles?

  • The fastest and most thorough way to look for magazine, journal, and newspaper articles is to use the Northwestern Libraries' online databases via EBSCO (accessible from the EBSCO link on the homepage).
  • To learn more about how to use the databases, take the EBSCO Tutorial or come to either campus library for personal assistance.

To what titles and dates of newspapers do the libraries subscribe?

NWOSU libraries hold the following microfilm and physical copies of the listed newspapers:

  • Alva Review Courier
    Jan. 13, 1899 - Dec 31, 1994 on Microfilm (Alva Campus)
    Nov. 10 1994 - Present - Physical Copy (Alva Campus)
  • The Oklahoman
    (Name changed from "Oklahoma Daily Press Gazette" to "Daily Oklahoman" to "The Oklahoman")
    Mar. 10 - June 29, 1894 on Microfilm (Alva Campus)
    Jan. 3, 1903 - 2010 on Microfilm (Alva Campus)
    Current Month - Physical Copy (Enid and Alva Campus)
  • The New York Times: Sept., 1851 – 2010 on Microfilm (Alva Campus)
  • Oklahoma Observer - Current three months - Physical Copy (Alva Campus)
  • Tulsa World - Current - Physical Copy (Alva Campus)
  • Enid News and Eagle - Current - Physical Copy (Alva & Enid Campus)
  • Local Papers - current issue - available only on the Alva Campus
    • Anthony Republican
    • Cherokee Messenger and Republican
    • Ellis County Capital
    • Gage Record
    • Garber Billings News
    • Laverne Leader Tribune
    • Tonkawa News

How do I download eBooks?

Download to a laptop:
1. Create a personal account in any one of the EBSCO Databases
2. Go to and create a personal account
3. Download/install the free Adobe Digital Editions software; open the software once it is installed and configure it with your new adobe account login information
4. Search for an EBook in the Libraries’ Online Catalog or through the EBSCO EBook Collection
5. Click on “Download (Offline)” or click through until you see “Download this eBook (Offline)”
6. Sign in to your personal EBSCO account when prompted
7. Click on “Check out and download” when prompted

Download to an IPad or an Android system device:
Follow steps 1 & 2 above
3. Download/install the Bluefire Reader app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store; open Bluefire Reader and configure it with your adobe personal account login information
Follow steps 4-7 above

Dowload to a Kindle Fire:
Follow steps 1 & 2 above
3. go to this web site: and go to the February 2012 blog.  Follow the instructions.
4. Once Bluefire has finished installing, open it and enter your Adobe ID login, and Bluefire will authenticate your device to be able to download our EBSCO eBooks.
Follow steps 4-7 above
8. When asked how you want to open the eBook, choose Bluefire Reader

Download to a tethered reader:
Follow steps 1—3 for downloading to a laptop.
4. Connect your reader to the computer
5. Follow steps 4—7 above
6. Go to “my documents” on your computer
7. Open “my digital editions” file
8. Locate the .pdf file for the electronic book you downloaded
9. Right click and “send to” your digital reader
NOTE: Both your Adobe account and your reader must be registered to the same person for the download to be completed successfully.